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1.What the advantage of
Quality of Service.
I believe that many players have come across such cases that you got the game currency you booked after a long time in arrears,some up to a month;or you got your 80% or less of your booked game currency due to factors of deflation of game currency prices.However the number of our order processing employees is two to three times of the other companies.Goods will be delievered instant. after we receive orders.If not enough goods, we will buy at high prices to the craft brother !We will pay 100% of the effort to serve you even if you just cosume one US dollar as every customer is our God in

2.What about is a big network sales company, which was founded in 2020, mainly managing the game virtual currency network sales, leveling up the player's grade in game as well.

3.What is the transaction process?
Please contact our online customer service, or
1.Find out both the kind of the game goods you intend to purchase and the price of our inquiries on our website.
2.If you're satisfied with our prices, click BUY NOW ,fill in your Character Name and select the currency of the transaction.
3.Fill in your information.Fill in as much as possible all-round, so that we can contact you.
4.Choose your method of transactions,contact us after you finish the order.
5.We will deal with you in the game.Our transaction is safe and you don't need to worry about your game accounts.

4.What payment method can you accept?
Currently, we support Paypal, Western Union,Visa and so on.we suggest you register an account as Paypal makes transactions,it is safe.If you do not have Paypal, we suggest you register an account as Paypal makes transactions between us and clients a whole lot easier and safer.
For more information on Paypal, please visit

5. How long dose the delivery take in general?
This is a most concerned question. Delivery usually occurs within the first hour after payment has been received when your order is in stock. Deliveries can occasionally take up to 1 hour or longer based on order volumes and game server traffic. And for large demand orders it may take 2 to 12 hours to get the goods ready for you. We are trying our best to send the gold to you ASAP.

6. What security precautions are taken to protect my privacy?
We take the protection of our clients’ personal information strictly. We have various systems in place to screen each and every order for anything that might seem amiss, and since our operation runs 24/7 without closing, so that we are vigilant. Your personal information will never be revealed to any third party.

7.What is our refund policy?
We respect our customer's opinion, if you want to get a refund before delivery, please contact our Live Help, they will send your requirement to the leader!

8.Why do prices change so frequently?
The price for virtual goods and currencies change frequently because they are in accordance with market supply and demand, comparable to the stock exchange. This is the reason for fluctuating price.Prices of are collected from the price list of our craft brothers. You can compare at any time.

9.How can I check my order?
After your payment, you'll receive a confirmation email in your registered email address, where list the details of your order. You can contact our live chat freely if you have any question about the order.

10.What are the possible reasons for delay?
There are various possibilities such as Technical errors like internet down time and incorrect or insufficient information provided. Therefore, it is very important that you offer us with a valid telephone number and email address for us to contact you. At the same time we will not give the information to the third party.

11.How do I check the status of my order?
If you want to check more information about your order, you can contact our live chat and inquiry our online customer service staff at any time.

12.I login the Live Chat but you are not responding. What is the matter?
In that case, we kindly suggest you calm down and be a little more patient with us. Our customer service representative may be temporally not available, or we may be experiencing high traffic volume on our live Chat system. Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated in this can also add our we will try to respond you as soon as possible.

13.Why should I need to register an account on your website?
Firstly, registration will allow you access to our website to order what you want quickly! More important, our site will record your information and add up your member points and comsumption, then you can become our VIP and enjoy more discount! It only takes a few moments to register so we strongly recommend you do registration in our website!